Issue: August 13, 2009

Hi everybody,

Another week, another staggering work of heartbreaking newsprint genius. (If I spelled it, g-e-n-i-o-u-s, would you get that I’m kidding?) Anyway, on the cover, we have a veritable War and Peace of Q and A’s, as I sit down with the new Washoe County schools superintendent, Heath Morrison. He’s a sincere, experienced guy, and I’ve got the feeling he’s found a home here. For the full story, remember to read “Meet the New Boss” online. Speaking of literary literature, Clarissa Leon talks to and about Shawn Grady, the author of a hot new Christian novel. Turns out, the author’s a hero with a soul on fire. In Green, Kat Kerlin looks at going directly to the farm to buy food. While it’s all new, it’s sort of a remembrance of things past. Anyway, check out all the links below—we have great expectations that you’ll approve.

Thanks again for reading the paper. If it weren’t for you, we’d be les miserables.