Rated 1.0

What we have here is a poor man’s Matrix starring Gerard Butler as a convicted criminal who has risen to fame as a human controlled by a human in a massive videogame. Michael C. Hall of TV’s Dexter costars as an evil computer magnate who has built an empire by injecting human brains with neural receivers that enable them to be controlled by remote. The presentation is sloppy, horribly edited stuff, combined with irritating sound and a lot of techno mumbo jumbo. This thing is as tedious as an action/thriller can get, and things really hit bottom when Hall performs a tripped-out song and dance number. Butler isn’t the greatest of leading men, Hall doesn’t appear to know that he is in a crap movie, and directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor don’t know when to stop. Decent talent such as Alison Lohman and John Leguizamo got lured into this thing. Oh, wait, Lohman is married to Neveldine, so that explains that.