The Final Destination 3-D

Rated 1.0

A lousy film series supposedly comes to a conclusion with this shoddy movie that you can watch in 3-D if you so choose. Once again, some unlucky bastard (Bobby Campo) has a vision of himself and his buddies dying, warns them, and escapes death. The rest of the movie consists of the once rescued individuals dying in the order they were supposed to have died in the first place. It’s all an exercise in futility, made all the more tedious by 3-D effects. The makeup and gore are terrible, the death scenarios are unintentionally hilarious and the cast can’t act. So far, horror films in 3-D have been a major bust, and the trend looks to continue with the possibility of Halloween 3-D next year. As for this garbage, it’s the typical kind of crap Hollywood usually reserves for the end of summer. An awful waste of money and time.