Freaky Friday

Rated 2.0 Disney’s remake of the 1976 comedy starring Jodie Foster as a daughter who switches bodies with her mother is a sometimes-likeable but ultimately routine trek through switcheroo movie clichés. The movie’s premise was done to death in the ’80s with films like Vice Versa and Like Father, Like Son, but Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan give it a decent try as the mother and daughter forced to live each other’s lives. Lohan actually upstages Curtis as a grown woman inside a teenaged body, effectively conveying the awkwardness of such a situation in a manner that is at once serious and funny. Curtis simply embraces the opportunity to be an energetic goofball, capturing none of the essence of Lohan’s character before the body switch took place. Mark Harmon as the Curtis’ confused husband-to-be provides some heartwarming moments, but much of the film is pappy and unfunny.