Fantasy betting may be revived

Nevada state gambling regulators recommended approval on June 8 of a proposal for fantasy sports wagers on a platform akin to pari-mutuel betting. The decision came as the New York Assembly was moving forward on a fantasy sports measure.

Daily fantasy sports was well underway in Nevada until October, when the state said operators needed gambling licenses. The websites halted Nevada wagers. The approval last week came in an application from race and sports book operator Vic Salerno.

The recommendation came from the Gaming Control Board to the Gaming Commission.

Salerno’s Sanderina II LLC issued a prepared statement about its USFantasy platform: “The USFantasy contest platform provides a level of consumer protections unparalleled in daily fantasy sports (DFS). Pari-mutuel systems are the original skilled selection platform for contestants to compete against one another in a fair, regulated and transparent environment. In a pari-mutuel environment, the consumer has a constantly updated, real-time view of the entire contest market. The consumer has immediate access to how much money is in the entire pool as well as how these monies are dispersed among the individual athlete in each contest in the form of current odds. This turn-key DFS solution can easily adapt with existing pari-mutuel regulations in 43 states.”