Burn notice

The burn codes for the 2011-2012 have been released by the Air Quality Management District of Washoe County. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is intended to provide a guide for those looking to exercise outdoors or burn wood. When the AQI is below 79, it is safe to burn wood in your home, but make sure to include enough oxygen to prevent the creation of carbon monoxide. When the burn code is yellow—between 80 and 100 AQI—the AQMD recommends finding alternative modes of transportation, such as a bus or carpooling, to reduce any additional pollution. During a burn code of red—over 100—a burn ban is called for 24 hours, or until the pollution level decreases. To stay updated about the burn codes, call the daily hotline at 785-4110 or sign up for emails by calling 784-7200.