Big Love

Welcome to our 2015 bridal guide

What better content for a wedding section than a note on prenuptial agreements, or a cynical bride’s account of her own planning meltdown?

Just kidding. We did cover those topics this time around, actually, but all in the spirit of love and fun. In this issue you’ll also meet a good-humored local DJ who’s been in the business since the 1980s, bearing witness to everything from heartwarming anniversary dances to Skyped toasts from across the world. Someone even stripped off her wedding dress at one of his gigs, but more on that later.

Meanwhile, bona fide bride-to-be Ashley Hennefer tells us how to plan creative and meaningful bachelorette parties right here in Reno, sans all the hokey candy and other clichés. She’ll even help you schedule a soiree at an archery range (props). Another brave contributor, Jessica Santina, tackles the rather hush-hush notion of prenuptial agreements, and explains why most Nevadans probably won’t need or even want one.

Anyway, if you’ve just gotten engaged, hey, congratulations! You might also be helping a family member or close friend prepare for his or her big day, which basically entitles you to sainthood. With you in mind, we’ve included a to-do list to reference as you count down the months and weeks until the ceremony. I’ve also thrown in some dirt about my own wedding-planning experience last spring, though it’s more of lesson in what not to do. In the end, I wish I’d slowed down and seen the process for what it was: something special that only happens once, and doesn’t have to be picture-perfect.

Happy planning.

Georgia Fisher