Issue: January 22, 2015

Hey gang,

Got a penchant for collecting rock posters? Museum curator Chris Hubble,

star of this week's cover story, is reckless and wild enough to have a

$1,500 Frank Kozik original tacked to his ceiling. (Our own ceiling

features duct work and museum-quality dust, but that's another story


Also in this week's issue: Ashley Hennefer meets a real live falconer

with a real live falcon (tiny leather cap not included); Kent Irwin

introduces us to the folksy folks behind Mountain Music Parlor; and Matt

Bieker has a conversation with Reno's first-ever poet laureate. This

issue includes our annual bridal guide, a handy primer with helpful

hints and authentic matrimonial whining. You'll see.

As always, be sure to pick up a newsprint copy of the paper for

exclusive cartoons, columns, and bridal bra stuffing.

Thanks for reading! If not for you, we'd be left crying at the altar.

Georgia Fisher

Special Projects Editor