AT&T’s political spending

The current owner of the company that was once Bell of Nevada is being accused by one of its competitors of subsidizing the right wing of the Republican Party. And Verizon is being accused of subsidizing the right wing of the Democratic Party.

AT&T is the latest of a number of firms, such as Pacific Telesis and SBC, that owns what was once the only telephone company in Northern Nevada.

According to long distance service Credo, “Since 1998, AT&T has given $20,000 or more, each, to over 100 right-wing politicians, such as House Minority Leader Rep. John Boehner of Ohio.”

Credo, formerly known as Working Assets, is a corporation that distributes some of its earnings to 50 organizations chosen by its customers in five fields: civil rights, economic justice, the environment, peace, and voting rights and civic participation. Among the organizations that receive money are Physicians for a National Health Program, the American Civil Liberties Union, the New Israel Fund, the Center for Responsible Lending and Friends of the Earth.

On Verizon, Credo’s statement read, “Since 2002 they’ve been a steady contributor to the Blue Dog Democrats, whose opposition to progressive change helped kill the public option and any chance at strong healthcare reform.”, a website that considers the Democratic Party too timid in pushing its agenda, has joined Credo’s effort to call attention to the AT&T contributions.