Music hath charms

The staff at Wooster High School’s newspaper, Hoofprints, has conducted an opinion survey of students about their relationships with music. The staff distributed survey forms to 378 students in study halls, and 170 of them were returned. The surveys were returned by 19 seniors, 43 juniors, 48 sophomores and 60 freshmen and the results were reported in Hoofprints by reporter Samantha Godonez. Responses to three of the questions asked:

6. What do you consider music addiction?

Can’t function without it: 50 percent

Can’t live without it: 33 percent

When you shut out the world: 28 percent

Doesn’t consider it an addiction: less than 1 percent

7. What would you do if you didn’t have your iPod (mp3)?

Go crazy: 18 percent

Borrow someone’s: 22 percent

Buy another: 24 percent

Nothing: 46 percent

8. How does your attitude change when you don’t have access to music?

Grumpy: 19 percent

No concentration: 21 percent

Un-peaceful: 27 percent

It doesn’t: 51 percent