Issue: March 12, 2020

Welcome to this week's issue of the Reno News & Review. We've got a lot in store for you this week, including a feature story that was excellently researched and written by contributor Jane Callahan. It's about Nevada's updated sex offender registry and how changes to it have affected the state in the last few years. Please be forewarned that its contents are heavy and include descriptions of sexual violence.

Elsewhere in the paper, we have an Arts&Culture story from intern Kirk Geller about a new exhibition at the Wilbur D. May Museum covering the history of animation, and stories from contributor Mark Earnest about a new local music scene and an upcoming arts festival for kids that will be taking place this weekend at the historical Lake Mansion. Those are in our musicbeat and Art of the State columns, respectively.

We've also got some coverage related to coronavirus and Covid-19, the disease caused by it. You'll find that in our Upfront and Homes columns.

For this week's news column, I caught up with some folks from the Reno Generator, where last week members learned that the lease on their space is being terminated and they may need to leave as soon as the end of May.

I hope you enjoy this week's content. Whether you do or not, though, drop us a line about it. Send your letters to the editor to


Jeri Davis

News Editor