Issue: August 23, 2018

Welcome to this week's issue of the Reno News & Review. Our feature story this week comes to us from Alan Alan de Queiroz, who looked into how race and wealth affect health at the Pyramid Lake Indian Reservation and throughout Washoe County. In news, Dennis Myers discusses new happenings with Northern Nevada HOPES, a nonprofit Reno health center created in 1997 for "medically under-served populations."

In our arts section this week, you can read about Reno band Weight of the Tide. The outfit just played Bloodstock in the United Kingdom. Our Art of the State column for this week was contributed by Ruben Kimmelman who spoke with participants and the organizer of the new Meshes monthly video art screening night at the Holland Project. Musicbeat this week is about a duo called Hourglass Flies whose songs are reactions to events happening in the country and around the world.

As always, I'll advise you to grab a copy of the paper for columns and cartoons you can't find online, like Streetalk, Advice Goddess and Apoca Clips.

Happy Reading!

Jeri Chadwell

Special Projects Editor