Issue: May 31, 2018

Welcome to this week's Reno News & Review. I'll keep it short and sweet. To get the most out of this week's paper, you should grab a physical copy. In the Arts&Culture section, you'll find a Reno-themed crossword. And the feature story this week is our annual Summer Guide, which we decided to turn into a board game.

The game is simple. After grabbing a copy of the paper from your favorite coffee shop, bar or grocery store, you'll set up the board by lifting the center spread, pages 22-23, out of the issue and then lining up the arrows to the corresponding arrows on pages 20 and 25. Cut out the tokens and die on page 17—or if you feel bad about desecrating the beautiful sanctity of newsprint, use your own. Begin by placing the tokens on Lake Tahoe. Three to four players, and the player who has lived in Reno for the least amount of time goes first. Turns rotate to the left. Simply roll the die and advance your token along the Truckee River, one square for each number, and make sure to respond to any prompts on the squares your token lands on. If you land on a Roman numeral, check the corresponding blurb on pages 27-28.

Of course, you'll also find our usual columns, including news from Dennis Myers, a food review from Todd South and our awesome, comprehensive calendar that Calendar Editor Kelley Lang puts together each week.

Happy reading (and playing)!

Jeri Chadwell

RN&R Special Projects Editor