Issue: August 10, 2017

Hello Readers!

Welcome to this Week's Reno News & Review.

You've got a lot of reading to do this week. "Why?" you may be asking. Because the annual Best of Northern Nevada issue came out today. We're excited to show you which businesses, services, people and places you voted for, and we enjoyed highlighting our own Reno culture picks, too. Pick up a paper copy for the pullout guide—and if you don't already have a coffee table, you should probably go buy one today to put your Best Of on. We think it's a keeper, especially with Kate O'Hara's fabulous illustrations. Also check our website, which is the only place you'll be able to read about the second- and third-place Best Of winners.

Don't forget that we still have all of our usual news and culture coverage this week, too. Contributor Ashley Warren looked into what it's like being a woman in engineering in Reno. Progressive columnist Sheila Leslie implored Nevada Republicans to decide where they stand on Trump policies. And freelance music writer Kent Irwin talked with members of the band Everybody Dies For Now about what it's like to transition from acoustic to electronic music.

Thank you for picking up the RN&R, reading us online, arguing about us in bars, and engaging in all the ways that you do. And especially thank you for casting your votes in the 2017 Best Of Northern Nevada poll.

Kris Vagner

Arts Editor