Issue: July 06, 2017

Dear Folks,

This week in the Reno News & Review, we will unravel the story of a painting purchased a block from our Reno office thirty years ago, a tale of war and art and the limits on human understanding.

Elsewhere in this issue, Brad Bynum talks to a leading marijuana marketer about his first days in a legal market. That's in our 15 Minutes feature. In Arts & Culture, Ashley Warren explains what the fourth Reno Mini Maker Faire is and where you can see it. Bob Grimm gives us his spin on the movie that is generating so much chatter, Baby Driver . Kris Vagner tells us about a showing of Basque aspen rubbings and also profiles a Reno singer. In news, we stay with the subject of how workers felt the impact of the 2017 Nevada Legislature.

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Dennis Myers

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Reno News & Review