Issue: June 29, 2017

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Just over half a century ago, Nevada and California on the same day gave the nation its first two prohibition laws on hallucinogens. That had the effect of halting therapeutic research on their value. Was that a mistake? This week in the Reno News & Review, our cover story is devoted to this question.

Elsewhere in the issue, Bob Grimm takes on the newest Transformers movie, Todd South checks out the newest Great Full Gardens restaurant, and Nisha Sridharan describes preparations for the upcoming Reno Fashion Show. Jeri Chadwell Singley listens to the sound of Dusty Miles and the Cryin' Shame and in our "15 Minutes" feature, political leader Carol Cizauskas talks about the second People's Summit in Chicago. In News, we look at whether Democrats in the Nevada Legislature missed some chances to deliver for working people.

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