Issue: June 08, 2017

Hi there, and welcome to this week's issue of the RN&R!

As I write this message, the first day of summer is exactly two weeks away. And that means it's time for RN&R's Summer Guide. This year, we decided to celebrate Earth's annual journey around its star with a guide that's dedicated entirely to movement. We've put together recommendations for all manner of summer activities. In fact, there were so many that getting them all done in time for this guide seemed like it might be a stretch for a mere mortal—which is why we enlisted the help of superhero. (He's Reno Man. Or is he mild-mannered reporter Clark Cant? Or is he local grocer Scott Bates? Who knows.)

Over in the arts section, you'll find a story from the RN&R's graduate student intern, Nisha Sridharan, about the Harry Potter franchise, which is turning 20 this month. We've also got a story from Megan Berner about the Miradas exhibition at the Nevada Museum of Art. The exhibition, on display through July 16, includes works by Mexican and Mexican-American artists, spanning more than a century.

Don't forget to check out our regular contributors' columns. This week, Sheila Leslie discusses ongoing battles over ward voting in Washoe County, and Brendan Trainor debates who should control immigration—the states or the federal government.

Grab an actual copy of the paper to get access to cartoons and columns that aren't online, including Streetalk. This week, Nisha asked people to tell her the songs that remind them of summer.

And when you're done with the paper, you don't have to throw it away. You can make new-old paper out of it to use for greeting cards or invitations. Check out the tutorial here:

Happy reading!

Jeri Chadwell-Singley

RN&R Special Projects Editor