Issue: May 04, 2017

Hi Readers,

Welcome to this week's Reno News & Review. If you're gearing up for some sweet summer escapism, today's your day to start planning your next few months worth of movie dates. In this week's feature story, movie guy Bob Grimm's got the rundown on summer flicks you won't want to miss--and summer flicks you will want to miss. And for fans of Mike Grimm's delightfully dark and funny illustrations, this week you can get a double dose of them. Mike drew that picture that's on our cover, the one of Bob with the aliens and the big pink frappuccino, and we've also been running his new comic, Apoca Clips. Pick up a print copy to check them both out.

Also this week, Jeri Chadwell-Singley previewed UNR's Spring Dance Concert, and we learned that hip-hop dance is an apt medium for examining social media culture. Food writer Todd South reported on a new ravioli place, and on our opinion page we'll help you make sense of the so-called "pink tax."

While I'm here, I want to point out what a fabulously engaged bunch of readers you are. We get a lot of letters and social media comments, and we like hearing our readers' thoughts and ideas, so thanks for staying in touch. And thanks for reading!

Kris Vagner

Arts Editor