Issue: March 30, 2017

Hi everybody!

Usually, about this time every year, we run our April Fools' Day issue.

We adopt the persona of the Weekly World Reno News & Review, a

ridiculous, over-the-top tabloid in the style of the Weekly World News.

It's a chance for us to cut lose and sharpen our comedy writing claws,

lampooning local and national politicians, poking fun at local

businesses, or just having some goofy fun.

But this year, we decided against doing it … because satire is dead. The

aim of satire is comic exaggeration with the purpose of presenting a

serious observation or critique. But today's political climate is

already exaggerated well past the point of comic ridiculousness. How is

satire—or any other form of comedy—even possible in today's polarized


Nah, I'm just kidding, April Fools! We did all kinds of goofy stuff this

week. Our lead story is about an internet troll who's also an actual

troll. We skewer the local businesses catering to cannabis users and

mock the dysfunction in Carson City. Dig in and enjoy.

We've also got some serious stories in the paper. News editor Dennis

Myers takes a look back at the history of the Nevada Department of

Transportation. Kelsey Fitzgerald, one of our favorite local science,

environment and technology reporters, wrote a nice Arts & Culture

feature about the Autonomous Robots Lab at the University of Nevada,

Reno. And we've got some insightful perspectives from our columnists and


As always, be sure to pick up a newsprint copy of the paper for

exclusive columns, cartoons and collage materials.

Thanks for reading! If it weren't for you, we'd have no one to prank.

Brad Bynum

RN&R Editor