Issue: March 09, 2017

Hi readers!

Welcome to this week's Reno News & Review.

Ever wondered about the wide world of yoga? Do you really have to put your foot behind your head? Would enlightenment be within reach if you spent your lunch hour on a mat? Contributor Anna Hart faced her fears, tried just about every kind of yoga class offered in Reno, and wrote a page-turner of a guide to the local yoga scene that we recommend to aspiring yogis, seasoned experts and armchair travelers alike.

Special Projects Editor Jeri-Chadwell Singley put together a guide to one of Reno's favorite pastimes-drinking. Pick up the paper copy and check out the cool-looking insert to learn about where to drink in the morning, pick up a few facts that you might not already know about Irish bars, and gain a lot more insider knowledge about imbibing in the Truckee Meadows.

Also in this issue, Josie Luciano talks about an experimental library that's an art project in Art of the State. In 15 Minutes, I introduce you to Carson City's first-ever arts and culture coordinator.

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Kris Vagner

Arts Editor