Issue: May 26, 2016

Filmmaker Adryenn Ashley: "Had a chair been thrown there is absolutely

no way you would not have had an ambulance."

Dear Folks,

The Nevada Democratic Convention is still a hot topic, and the Reno News

& Review will take a look at it in this week's cover story. Our piece

started out as a blog item and grew from there.

In Green, Kelsey Fitzgerald reports on the cabbage white butterfly,

defined by local scientists as an invasive pest. In 15 Minutes, we have

an interview with Dr. Mary Guinan on her new book and a June 7 signing

at Sundance Bookstore. Dr. Guinan was part of the worldwide eradication

of smallpox, after which she joined the famed AIDS team at the CDC,

after which she became Nevada state health officer (dealing with the

post-September 11 Reno anthrax threat and the Fallon leukemia cases),

after which she became founding dean of the UNLV School of Community

Health Sciences.

Bob Grimm reviews The Nice Guys, Jeri Chadwell Singley profiles local

band Atlas Sound, and in news we have the latest on the lawsuits to stop

the new state law that pays parents to take their children out of public


Thank you for reading us.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor