Issue: February 18, 2016

Dear Folks,

Where were you in 1995? If you were in Reno, you could have picked up

volume one, number one of the Reno News & Review. We commissioned

freelancer Mark Maynard to give us his view of our newspaper as it turns

21 this week, and his findings appear in the cover story.

In the print edition, Renoites also describe how they marked THEIR 21st


Elsewhere in this edition, we have a report on the impending Democratic

presidential caucuses on Saturday and the Republican caucuses three days

later, along with the caucus commentaries of our opinion columnists

Sheila Leslie and Brendan Trainor. In Green, Kelsey Fitzgerald reports

on Washoe County Commission debates about how the county should get

ready for the possibility of voter-mandated legal marijuana. Movie

critic Bob Grimm puts Ben Stiller's revival of Zoolander under

scrutiny. Jessica Santina describes what's ahead this spring in Reno

theatre. And Bruce Van Dyke reacts to the passing of Justice Scalia.

Thank you for reading us.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor