Issue: February 11, 2016

Dear Folks,

Is there a song that makes you cry? That's the question we asked a lot

of people for this Valentine's Day edition, and the answers are in our

cover story.

Elsewhere in the issue, our Family Guide insert will provide an

introduction to two longtime valley families. Brad Byrum recalls

Satellite Lounge, which will be commemorated this weekend at the Loving

Cup. Movie critic Bob Grimm takes a look at the Coen Brothers' new

spoof. And in news, we creep a bit closer to the Nevada caucuses.

Thank you for reading us.

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Dennis Myers,

News editor

  • Up to the sky

    When Satellite Lounge opened in 2003, there was suddenly a bar in Reno that played great music, had no TVs or gambling, and featured dance parties and live music on a regular basis.

    By Brad Bynum

    This article was published on 02.11.16