Issue: January 07, 2016

Hi everybody,

Do you like going to the movies? Sure, you do. Everybody likes going to the

movies. Do you like reading long lists where grumpy old men proclaim their

opinions as if they were facts? Sure, you do. You might think you hate

those kinds of lists--but you like them, if for no other reasons than to

read through it, and argue with every choice, and then say to your friends,

"I don't know why this jerk gets to write about movies! I could do a better

job than this dummy!"

With that in mind, we are pleased to present our movie critic Bob Grimm's

annual look back of the best and worst movies of 2015. Disagree with Bob's

picks? Think that your opinion is somehow more valid than a guy who's been

doing this for two decades? Well, OK, email a letter to the editor to

Also in this week's issue, I wrote a similar list about the music of 2015.

Hate my taste in music? Take umbrage at the fact that* 25 *by Adele isn't

on my list? Fine, great, email a letter to the editor to In Green, reporter Kelsey Fitzgerald profiles a

medical marijuana patient. Hate medicine? Hate plants? Write us a letter.

And be sure to read our letters page! This week's is filled with all sorts

of insightful opinions from readers who sound like they just got back from

a well-armed standoff against federal agents. Disagree with what they have

to say? Write us a letter!

As always, be sure to pick a newsprint copy of the paper for exclusive

columns, cartoons and packing material for all those late Christmas

presents you still haven't sent.

Thanks for reading! If it weren't for you, we wouldn't have any worthwhile

letters to print.

Brad Bynum

RN&R Associate Editor