Issue: April 23, 2015

Hi, all,

It seems the gang at Reno Bike Project is going from the road to the

airwaves. As arts editor Brad Bynum reports in this week's paper, the

busy nonprofit's latest aim is to launch an ad-free, grassroots radio

station that would bring in diverse local music and perhaps even give

UNR students an FM presence. More power to 'em.

Meanwhile, news editor Dennis Myers keeps us in the loop about

controversial Washoe Assemblymember Ira Hansen, who's behind a new

abortion bill; food reviewer Todd South gets us hankering for mobile

meals; and doctor Holly Ashley gives us a piece of her mind in 15

Minutes. And if you've always wanted to know about mustang birth control

but were afraid to ask, well, I've covered it in our Green section. Neigh.

Thanks for reading, and as always, be sure to pick up a newsprint copy

of the paper for exclusive columns, cartoons and ripe origami potential.

If not for you, we'd have to fold.

Georgia Fisher

RN&R Special Projects Editor