Issue: March 05, 2015

Hi everybody,

From policymaking to basic signage, the Nevada Legislature has become rather cutthroat and insular. Our news editor Dennis Myers has the eye-opening scoop this week, and whatever your politics, it'll probably make you snort.

Also in this issue, you'll also find Kris Vagner's candid account of a visit to Australia--a trip that exposed her to the one-of-a-kind sort of Aboriginal artwork now on display at the Nevada Museum of Art. Meanwhile, columnists Sheila Leslie and Brendan Trainor dissect controversial tax breaks and a state resolution supporting Israel, respectively. You'll even hear about a pressing bill to make square dancing our state dance. (Git outta town!)

Don't forget to pick up a newsprint copy for exclusive columns, cartoons and wood pulp. As always, thanks for giving us a read. If not for you, we'd have to do-si-do all by ourselves.