Issue: February 26, 2015

Dear Folks,

The science of sex is our cover topic in this week's Reno News & Review.

But don't get too excited---it's less about how to do it better than why

we do it the way we do.

Elsewhere in the issue, Georgia Fisher updates us on the ongoing

struggle to bring Virginia Lake back to a healthy state, and Brad Bynum

reviews a punk-themed exhibition currently at Reno Art Works. In news,

Carol Cizauskas has a report from Grassroots Lobby Days at the Nevada

Legislature. Bob Grimm has his take on /Hot Tub Time Machine 2/, Anna

Hart follows the activities of an organization called the Reno Justice

Coalition, and Bruce Van Dyke unhappily writes again about a police

shooting of a civilian.

Thank you for reading us. If not for you, we'd have to keep all the sex

in the newsroom.

Dennis Myers

News editor