Issue: July 24, 2014

Hi everybody,

Yes, it's the world famous annual RN&R Back to School issue. This

year, we take an alphabetical look at the things we love, hate and

misremember about our dear-old-golden-rule days. Up first: The truth

about the termination of Pedro Martinez. Just kidding, we don't know

much, either--but here's a nugget: What

we do know about, however, includes the American Idol tryouts, the

conservative attacks on Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, and that little

stationery store, Paper Moon, that moved to Virginia Street. Feel free to

click on the links below but don't forget to pick up a newsprint copy for

exclusive columns, cartoons and event picks. As always, thank you for

reading our newspaper. If not for you, our bosses would be

double-checking our work history.

Cheers, here's to ya!


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    This article was published on 07.24.14