Issue: May 08, 2014

Dear Folks,

Is Reno the bar crawl capital? It's possible, and this week we have

a cover story by Jeri Chadwell exploring this aspect of the city.

In Green, Sage Leehey reports on the first 50 years of the Lahontan

Audubon Society. In news, we look at several Nevada laws that make it

illegal to be annoying, though the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 43 years

ago that the term annoy is too vague to be meaningful in law.

If you want to test wits with our film critic Bob Grimm, check out

his article on the most memorable movie moms. In our office, almost

everyone had additions to the list. Bob also reviews the second

second Spider-man movie.

Jessica Santini reviews an original play, Killarney Sabbatical by

Stacey Spain, which is having its premiere at the Goodluck Macbeth

Theatre Company. Laura Davis profiles Jelly Bread, a local funk rock

band. And Bruce Van Dyke returns to the topic of Donald Sterling.

Thank you for reading us,

Dennis Myers

News editor