Issue: March 13, 2014

Hi everybody,

In recent years, voter attitudes about marijuana have consistently

leaned more toward increased legalization. But here's a fun fact:

Medical marijuana was briefly legal in Nevada in the late 1970s and

'80s. Our intrepid news editor Dennis Myers dives into the history.

Also in this week's issue, our theater critic, Jessica Santina,

reviews The Lyons, a black comedy at Bruka Theatre, and our movie

critic, Bob Grimm, reviews the new 300 sequel. One of them liked what

they saw; the other did not. Take a look inside to find out who was

happy and who was Grimm.

And our wise and wiseass columnist Bruce van Dyke offers his take on

the current crisis in the Ukraine.

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exclusive columns, cartoons and rolling paper.

Thanks for reading! If not for you, we'd have nothing but stems and seeds.

Brad Bynum

RN&R Arts Editor.