Issue: February 27, 2014

Hi everybody,

This is kind of a momentous issue for us--which isn't to say that

every issue of the Reno News & Review isn't a momentous occasion in

one way or another. But this week's cover story is the first

installment of a multi-part project that editor D. Brian Burghart has

already been working on for a long time. The series, which will cover

multiple issues over the course of the year, is Fatal Encounters, and

it's an in-depth, investigative look at law enforcement incidents

that result in fatalities. This first installment is largely about

the way the media covers these fatalities.

Also in this week's issue, our left hand columnist Sheila Leslie

actually has some nice things to say about Reno's Republican mayor,

Bob Cashell, and our right-hand columnist, Brendan Trainor, discusses

the role that libertarians will play in future Nevada elections, and

our movie critic Bob Grimm predicts what will happen at this year's Oscars.

As always, be sure to pick a newsprint copy of the paper for

exclusive columns, cartoons and newsprint smells.

Thanks for reading! If not for you, our year-long investigations

would be a lot less interesting, probably mostly just about endlessly

re-watching HBO shows.

Brad Bynum

RN&R Arts & Culture Editor