Issue: February 06, 2014

Hi everybody!

We all know the internet changed some stuff. Who ever thought one of the consequences would be that social networks and technological chains would make breaking up harder than it ever was? We let Anonymous write this one because there's no way he would have been this honest if potential dating partners knew what a passive aggressive breaker-upper he is, and we didn't want to his ex to suffer any dings on her dating history record. Also in the finest newspaper money can't buy, Georgia Fischer writes about the ins and outs of TEDx, and Brad Bynum exposes the dusty truth about art in the Biggest Little City. Feel free to click the links below for a tasty sampling of the issue, but don't forget to pick up a newsprint copy for exclusive columns, cartoons and tactile sensations. Thank you for reading our newspaper. If not for you, we'd be broken hearted.