Issue: January 30, 2014

"Bitcoin simply asks the question, Are you going to trust a

government or are you going to trust a worldwide system monitored and

maintained by the individuals most concerned with keeping it stable

and valuable?"

Dear Folks,

You've probably heard of it, but if you're like most of us, Bitcoin

is a mystery. This week in the Reno News & Review, Brian Burghart

gives us a long look at the aspiring currency.

In MusicBeat, Brad Bynum profiles a local band that once advertised

its influences as Christmas songs, superhero songs, and TV theme

songs. In our inside-back-cover feature 15 Minutes, Brad also

interviews Laci Bell Crow of the charity Dining for Women.

In Green, Sage Leehey reports on the completion of the long-sought

Nevada power line linking north and south. Bob Grimm will tell us

whether I, Frankenstein is a monster or a dream, and Bruce Van Dyke

offers a defense of Nevada alum Colin Kaepernick. In Arts & Culture,

Clint Demeritt pays a visit to the archery range Washing Arrows. In

news, we report that the unfortunate news surrounding the Galaxy

plane crash memorial grove of trees goes beyond a stolen plaque.

We hope you'll read us this week. Without you, to coin a phrase, we'd

be a bit lost.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor