Issue: October 31, 2013

Carlos Lara: "I saw my teacher's body on the blacktop then. And

that's when I started to cry."

Dear Folks,

It's been a difficult week in our valley as residents dealt with the

aftermath of the Sparks Middle School shooting. None experienced more

anguish than the students, teachers and parents at the

school. Georgia Fisher's cover story this week tells the story of

some of them.

Elsewhere in the issue, Brad Brokaw's interviews Reno novelist Willy

Vlautin about the upcoming movie version of his book The Motel

Life. Brad also introduces us to the local band Love Like Wes. Sage

Leehey writes about Black Rock Solar, a local non-profit organization

that has installed more than three megawatts of solar power since

2007. Brian Burghart takes a shot at employers who pressure their

sick employees to come to work anyway.

In tune with the season and his last name, Bob Grimm evaluates all

the Stephen King novels that have been put on film, dividing them

into best and worst (there's nothing in the middle). He also reviews

Bad Grandpa. K.J. Sullivan samples the fare at Ernie's All American

Burger and Jessica Santina evaluates a production of Comedy of Errors.

Take care,