Issue: October 24, 2013

Hi everybody!

This week we've got a story from our sister paper in Sacramento on the

cover. I've actually been looking for a story on this topic for quite a

while, and I was glad to read the wonderful piece by the SN&R's

former editor, Melinda Welsh. It's about how doctors die differently than

the rest of us. Lots of good stuff in this week's paper. Ashley Hennefer

talks about fun runs. Brad Bynum talks to a SuicideGirl. Dennis Myers

talks to people who are irritated with government. Feel free to click the

links below for a sample of the RN&R, but don't forget to pick up a

newsprint copy for exclusive cartoons, columns and papier mâché

ingredients. And as always, thanks for reading our newspaper. If not for

you, we'd be flatlining.