Issue: April 25, 2013

Hi everybody,

If there are two thing that have shown the new spirit of bi-partisanship

in the Nevada Legislature, it's same-sex marriage and medical marijuana.

True, our Legislature is following the lead of much of the country, but,

hey, better late than never. Read all about the astounding transformation

in Dennis Myer's cover story, "Keep calm and marry on."

Would you believe Reno, Nevada, has moved into the 21st century with our

television news? You wouldn't? Well, baby steps, Reno, baby steps; Ky

Plaskon says we have. There's actually too much good stuff in this issue

to try to sum it all up in a paragraph, so feel free to get a taste by

clicking the links below. But remember, the full meal, including

exclusive cartoons, columns and event recommendations, can only be found

on the newsprint version of your favorite newsweekly, the Reno News &

Review. And, as always, thanks for reading our newspaper. If not for you,

we'd probably still keep calm.