Issue: November 01, 2012

Hi everybody,

This is it! Our final issue before the 2012 election! In our feature

story this week, six local essayists weigh in on a variety of local

and national topics. The essayists, including Bob Fulkerson of

Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, former Public Printer of

the U.S. Bruce James, and Alison Gaulden of Planned Parenthood, come

from a variety of political perspectives, but one common recurring

theme throughout the essays is the importance of voting. Momentarily

putting aside the many important local elections this year, in the

presidential race, it's worth noting that Washoe County is the swing

county of a swing state, and a very closely contested county at that.

There can be no doubt: In Northern Nevada, every vote matters.

If you're having trouble deciding how to vote on some of the local

races, we've put together a handy voting guide which gives each

candidate an opportunity to present themselves in their own words, as

well as our editorial endorsements.

Also in this week's issue, news editor Dennis Myers profiles a woman

who, as a young girl in 1960, made her own TV commercial endorsing

John F. Kennedy. In Green, Ashley Hennefer writes about the inaugural

Regional Food Summit that brought together more than 150 people

concerned about how we eat locally, and, in Arts & Culture, Kris

Vagner talks to a young artist who designed a controversial video

game critical of Apple Inc.

As always, be sure to pick up a newsprint version of the paper, for

exclusive articles, cartoons and conspicuous displays of hip reading

material. And don't forget to vote on or before Nov. 6!

Thanks for reading! If it weren't for you, we'd have no reason to vote.

Brad Bynum

RN&R Arts Editor