Issue: July 19, 2012

Dear Folks,

Mayor Cashell's plans for his last two years are the topic of our

cover story this week. His Honor has about six months left with the

current city council, a body that has worked well with him. After

that, he will face a new majority on the council.

Speaking of the mayoralty, there's a theory floating around that

because the mayor and council members do essentially the same thing,

council members who have run out their term limits cannot run for

mayor just because the job has a different name than their current

posts. D. Brian Burghart tried to get an answer and his results will

be in the news section this week.

In Green, Ashley Hennefer writes about the radio frequency emitted by

those new "smart" utility meters installed on our homes and whether

there's any science behind the folks who say the frequency is a

threat to health.

Brad Bynum gives a listen to local band Southpaw Stranger, and writes

about things like its "sinewy melodicism" and "shoegazing guitars."

Kris Vagner talks with two of our area's most familiar art figures,

Walt McNamara and Jim McCormick; Bob Grimm gets frosted at Ice Age:

Continental Drift; Jessica Santina reviews a Tennessee Williams

outing at Bruka Theatre; and in "15 minutes," Carole Maupin

describes an upcoming Artown event at the Reno Buddhist Center.

Thanks for reading us. Without you, we might have to run for mayor.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor