Issue: June 28, 2012

Dear Folks,

This week the cover story is a grabber-- Jake Highton makes the case

for atheism. We should get a couple of letters on that one.

In Green, Ashley Hennefer profiles a UNR professor who specializes in

study of fresh water creatures. At the halfway point of 2012, Bob

Grimm assesses the movie year so far, especially compared to 2011, a

year of cinema turkeys if there ever was one. In News, we report on

Reno Mayor Bob Cashell's efforts to try to stop fire services

deconsolidation in the last hours before the county goes off on its

own. On our "In rotation" page, Matthew Craggs will give you some

hints for your pet's birthday-- new gadgets for dogs and cats. K.J.

Sullivan samples the food at Verdi's Sasquatch Tavern and Grill and

reports back. And Bruce Van Dyke gives us his thoughts on hologram

entertainers and a presidential campaign drenched in cash.

Be sure, too, to pick up a copy of the print edition because tucked

inside is our annual guide to Artown and Rollin' on the River.

See you in church.

Dennis Myers

News editor