Issue: June 21, 2012

Hi everybody,

Schooooooooool's out for summer! So now is a perfect time to talk

about education. In this week's RN&R cover story, Dennis Myers

examines the ways in which sloppy journalism, particularly in regard

to school shootings, has negatively affected educational policies in

this country. (And, on a tangentially related note, did you hear

Alice Cooper's coming to town? Yep, Thanksgiving weekend.) Also in

this week's issue, Ashley Hennefer reports the latest on the efforts

to get bike lanes installed on Fourth Street, Bob Grimm reviews the

new Wes Anderson movie, and Bruce Van Dyke makes the somewhat

surprising choice to praise the supporters of Ron Paul.

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cartoons and tactile sensations.

Thanks for reading! If it weren't for you, we'd have to go back to school.

Brad Bynum

RN&R Arts Editor