Issue: June 14, 2012

Hi everybody!

It's summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime! This week in your favorite local newspaper, your favorite editorial staff collaborated on an A-Z guide for how to spend your favorite season. We didn't decide up front what each person would write about, so don't be surprised if each staff member independently found a synonym for (s)ex under another letter of the alphabet. (Q is for quickie, get it?) We've also got the primary elections results, the annual Nada Dada show, and more news, arts, culture and events than you can shake a scepter at. Feel free to click on the links below, but be sure to pick up a newsprint copy for exclusive columns, cartoons and advertising. As always, thanks for reading the paper. If it weren't for you, we'd be left out in the cold.


D. Brian Burghart

Editor, Reno News & Review