Issue: May 31, 2012

D. Brian Burghart on the Lear theater project: "But for those of us

who are not accountants, it's difficult to imagine how $10.2 million

can become $4.8 million and then become $773,000 in real value in a

measly 14 years without ever stretching the law."

Dear Readers,

Not long ago I was reading the autobiography of Reno political

scientist and community leader Elmer Rusco. He included some

recollections about the 1960s president of the University of Nevada

Reno, N. Edd Miller. Here's one of the things he wrote: "When Edd

left Reno, he went to the University of Maine, but when he retired,

he and Edwina came back to Reno to live. Now he is actively involved

in helping open the Lear Theater. He helped raise a lot of money so

that they could buy the Christian Science Building."

Now, keep in mind that both Miller and Rusco died in 2004 and

Rusco's book was written before that. That's how long the Lear tale

has been unfolding, and then some. This week in our Reno News &

Review cover story, D. Brian Burghart walks us through the whole long

saga and ends with hints of the future. It's well researched and

carefully written and whether it enrages or saddens you, it will hold

your interest.

Ashley Hennefer gives us a look at the new regional drought

plan in Green. Elsewhere in this week's edition, Ben Garrido will

take us to Frenchman Lake for some "geocache" tracking, Matthew

Craggs will introduce us to new products that involve ice cubes and

ice cube substitutes, Bob Grimm will take his look at Men in Black

III, and Megan Berner has a look at the Stremmel Gallery's new

show. Brad Bynum looks at the transformation of the band Crush from

grunge to dance pop.

In news, we'll look at the implosion of the Clark County

Republican Central Committee and its implications for the Mitt Romney

campaign, plus take a look in Upfront at President Obama's new

nominee to chair the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Thanks for reading us. Without you, we might have to do theater.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor