Issue: May 10, 2012

Hey everybody,

The week, on the cover of Reno's least expensive and most relevant

newspaper, Brad Bynum takes a gander at efforts to make Fourth Street and

Prater Way more bicycle friendly. Rolling right along, in Green, Ashley

Hennefer gives us a preview of the enviro-party at Pyramid Lake,

Symbiosis. Dennis Myers tells us the news about the madness that took

place at the Republican state and Libertarian national conventions. For

A&C, I write about one of Reno's most ambivalent cultural events,

Marianarchy, which will feature reunions of GunShot Licker and Phat

Couch. Later on in the issue, I learn a new word: vajazzling. What will

they think of next? Dicorating? Anyway, feel free to click the links

below, but don't forget to pick up a newsprint copy for exclusive

columns, cartoons and thumbspace. And as always, thanks for reading our

newspaper. If not for you, we'd be up to our knuckles in glitter.