Issue: April 19, 2012

Kurt Vonnegut at a 1970 Earth Day rally: "So the war will go on.

Meanwhile, we go up and down Fifth Avenue picking up trash."

Dear Folks,

This week in the Reno News and Review we look back at the first Earth

Day and the now-forgotten efforts to tie environmentalism in with

other concerns. In Green, Ashley Hennefer takes a look at the

efforts of a scion of an old Nevada family trying to break into the

solar field.

There's a double dose of both our Arts and Culture feature and of

MusicBeat. In A&C, Ben Garrido, recently returned to the U.S.,

writes his impressions of recession-ridden Reno and I give you a look

at Reno ties to the Titanic sinking. In MusicBeat there's

information on Record Store Day and a look at the band Harvest and

the Hunt. Bob Grimm reviews The Cabin in the Woods, a long-delayed

horror movie. In 15 Minutes, Brian Burghart interviews local sports

and wildlife icon Chris Healy. In news, James DeHaven profiles the

county commission campaign of veteran lobbyist Marsha Berkbigler.

Thanks for reading us. If not for you, we'd have been run to earth long ago.

Take care,

Dennis Myers

News editor,

Reno News & Review