Issue: January 26, 2012

Hi, everybody.

Ashley Hennefer did double duty this week, honchoing our annual

wedding guide and profiling a green group formed by students at the

Davidson Academy. Brad Bynum looks at a band that remembers how

important melody is. K.J. Sullivan tiptoes back into the roiling

food review waters to provide a taste of a new burger joint in the

old Tahoe Burger building. On the cover, a look at how precinct

caucuses can help both careers and personal relationships. The idea

of requiring government-issued identification cards at polling places

is in the news. And our editorial will urge people to run for office

in a year when incumbents will be term-limited out by the dozen.

Thanks for reading our newspaper! If it weren't for you, we'd be left

standing at the altar.

Dennis Myers

News editor