Issue: November 17, 2011

Hi everybody.

A theme of honesty runs through this issue, and it's enough to make us all a little uncomfortable. In Arts & Culture, Devin Hansrote investigates the stereotyping of addicts.

In our Feature story, Anne Johnson directly and eloquently speaks about the daunting--but sometimes welcome--territory of end-of-life decisions. In News, Dennis Myers delves into the dirty truth behind Yucca Mountain support.

But not all is bleak. In Art of the State, Jessica Santina reviews TMCC's production of the provocative musical Spring Awakening, a play stripped bare (emotionally and literally). In Green, the mother and daughter team of ConservingNow use style and simplicity to keep the community alert and aware of their habits. And in Film, Bob Grimm laments about the lack of overt homosexuality in J. Edgar.

As it is in life, this issue is a balance between the light and the dark, the beauty and burden of honesty--but even in the midst of gray, there's never a dull moment. As always, don't forget to pick up the newsprint edition for exclusive cartoons, columns and other stuff.

Thanks for reading! If it weren't for you, we'd be afraid to speak the truth.

Ashley Hennefer

RN&R special projects editor