Issue: May 19, 2011

Hi everybody.

Greetings from this week's Biggest Little Newsletter from the Reno News & Review. On the cover of the newspaper, we have a story about a social scourge, heroin, by Devin Hansrote, who is writing for the RN&R for the first time. Also in this week's issue, in Arts & Culture, we take a look at many of the great outdoor dining places in town. Only problem: With the unseasonably cold temperatures, we had a tough time finding anyone actually eating outside for photos. Anyway, there's too much stuff in this week's issue to mention it all, so feel free to click the links below, but don't forget to pick up a newsprint

copy of our newspaper for exclusive cartoons, columns and the ever-popular Streetalk. Thanks again for reading us. If it weren't for you, we'd need a shot in the arm.

D. Brian Burghart

Editor, Reno News & Review