Issue: April 07, 2011

Hi everybody,

We get some interesting characters wandering into the RN&R office. It's partly our location, here on Center Street, right between downtown and the university, we see a lot of foot traffic. And it's partly in the nature of our profession. When somebody has a story to tell, or a sermon to give, sometimes they show up here, looking for a pulpit. That was the case for Rev. Eugene James Evans. He arrived unannounced and immediately caught the attention of our fearless leader, D. Brian Burghart. Rev. Evans is just the sort of character we like around here: a traveling preacher and poet with a mythic criminal past.

Also in this issue, check out our first ever Family Guide and my interview with Sam Fogarino, the drummer of the rock band Interpol.

Thanks for reading! If it weren't for you, we'd have to start writing poetry.


RN&R Arts Editor