Issue: September 30, 2010

Hi everybody,

Nice to see you again, digitally speaking. This week, we’ve got a combined punk rock/women’s focus issue. On the cover of the regular newspaper, arts editor Brad Bynum tells us all about a show at the Nevada Museum of Art that looks at 30 years of vinyl recordings of punk rock music here in the Biggest Little City. In our Women’s Health supplement, special projects editor Kat Kerlin looks at a variety of women’s health issues, from vitamin supplements to vaginal birth after cesarean section to breast cancer to eating disorders. And as always we’ve got news you can chew on and the news on food. Feel free to click the links below, but remember to pick up the newsprint version because we offer exclusive cartoons and columns. As always, thanks for reading our newspaper. If not for you, we’d be sick of looking for work.

Thanks again,