Issue: September 09, 2010

Hi everybody,

Less than a week after Labor Day, and already there’s a nip in the air. Pretty soon, the leaves will change colors, little kids will start planning their Halloween costumes, and teenagers will start planning their Halloween pranks. That’s right, it’s fall. Time to plop your backside into a big comfy chair and enjoy the great indoors. In this week’s RN&R, we survey new and upcoming books, movies, music and video games. Good times. Elsewhere in this issue, we look at something that might matter this fall: Sharron Angle’s hardline position on two federal departments, Energy and Education, and, in A&C, veteran theater critic Jessica Santina previews some of this fall’s onstage offerings.

Thanks for reading!

If it weren’t for you, it’d feel winter all year ’round.

Brad Bynum

RN&R Arts Editor